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5 months ago

Fake ID - Chapter Twenty Five

After I was thoroughly embarrassed and Nathan and Jess had been introduced to everyone, and there were a lot of people up here, we unloaded the car and brought everything into the cabin. The food got unloaded and packed into our section in the fridge and my family’s cabinet, the bags and sleeping equipment got taken upstairs into the loft and we set up our beds. The loft was pretty small and just had a bunch of mattresses laid out on the floor.

                Jess got the last open twin sized bed and Nath and I got the last queen sized bed. We would be sharing. This honestly wasn’t that weird. At least I didn’t think it was. Who knows what Nathan was thinking. I was getting the vibe from him saying he was just overwhelmed with the amount of people he had just met and was going to have a hard time keeping them straight in his head. I was also nervous because I wanted my family to like him. Though I don’t know why I cared so much. It’s not like we were dating…

                A knock on the bathroom door shocked me out of my depressing thoughts. “Who is it?”

                “It’s me, Julia, you almost done?” I froze at the sound of Nathan’s voice. I don’t know what it was, but there was something about him that could freeze me one second, and then melt me the next. Especially his morning voice. That was the sexiest shit I had ever heard.

                “U-uh, yeah. C’mon in!” I stammered before regaining myself and unlocking the door. I had already changed and was now just brushing my teeth and braiding my hair back. I was wearing my black bikini, an old Nirvana, slouchy t-shirt, a pair of semi printed, Aztec shorts and my orange flip-flops. (x)

                Nathan slowly turned the knob and poked his head in. When he saw I was decent, he smiled and stepped in, walking behind me and looking at our reflections in the mirror.

                “You look great,” he complimented me, making my cheeks change color. “And your family is really lovely. Your Uncle Mike, he’s a funny bloke.” Nathan looked down and chuckled. I couldn’t help but smile. It had been a huge burden of mine, thinking that Nathan wouldn’t like my family or that my family wouldn’t like Nathan or Jess.

                I leaned my hands forward on the edge of the counter and let out a breath I hadn’t realized I had been holding up until now.

                “How’s Jess doing out there?” Finally my voice returned to me and I was able to talk to the boy. He was shirtless, probably the reason for my lack of speech, and wearing a pair of black swim trunks, flip flops and aviators. He must’ve just been out in the sun because his front against my back felt really warm. Warmer than usual.

                “She’s doing great. Getting along really well with your cousin, Tiana.” Tiana was the same age as I was but had always been able to get along with anyone, no matter how large the age gap was. Sometimes I envied her for it. Getting along with people was so easy for her unlike me. I was so awkward when it came to meeting new people. Except for Nathan. And the boys. They were the first people in a long time I felt I could be myself around without being judged. And it was nice.

                “Jules? Julia? You alright?” Nathan looked at me with a puzzled look on my face. I shook my head to shake out the cobwebs that were starting to build.

                I smiled at him. “Yeah! I’m fine. Just being spacey. Let’s go outside.” I walked out of the bathroom with Nathan on my trail.

                He followed me through the mini hallway, through the living room/dining area and out the door onto the deck. I grabbed one of the towels we had brought off the picnic table and Nathan grabbed the other. We walked down the stairs, through the grass area and down to the end of the dock.

                I immediately laid my towel down and took off my shorts and shirt, dropping them in a pile on my towel. My flip flops sat next to them. I looked over at Nathan who had laid his towel down next to mine and set his flip flops and sunglasses on his towel. I smirked at him before running to the edge of the dock and dove in.

                A couple seconds later my head popped above the water. I heard Nathan laugh then I really large splash about a foot and a half to my left.

                He didn’t come up when I thought he would. Actually, he didn’t come up at all. Instead, I felt a hand wrap around my ankle, causing a quite loud scream to break through my lips. Nathan popped up a second later; laughing like there was no tomorrow.

                I just scowled at him before swimming over to the miniature step latter on the side of the dock and climbing up. I dried myself off a little bit before grabbing life vest that fit me off of the huge pile of life vests and slipped my arms into it. I buckled it and unbraided my hair before throwing it into a bun.

                Using one of the Sea-Do keys I had grabbed before leaving the cabin, I started up one of my Sea-Do’s that was attached to the dock. By then, Nathan had climbed back up onto the dock, dried off a bit and was stood there, staring at me like a lost puppy.

                “Are you going to stand there like a loaf of bread or are you going to get a life vest, get on that other Sea-Do, and follow me?” I winked at him and tossed him the key. He smiled before doing what he was told like a good little soldier. I detached my Sea-Do from the dock and moved about twenty-five feet away from it. I looked behind to see if he was following me. And he was. I smirked at him before pulling the handle and soaring towards the middle of the lake.

1 year ago

Viva Las Vegas - Chapter Two

Okay, I have to admit, those pancakes were amazing! To die for. The best I’ve ever had in my entire life. And the bacon. Oi. Cooked to perfection. And the sausage… I could go on for days. But I’m just avoiding the topic. You don’t want to hear about the breakfast food; you want to know about Nathan and I.

                Well, after breakfast I followed Nathan back upstairs to his room and fell face first onto the bed, his shoes falling off my feet while doing so. He chuckled and climbed on the bed next to me.

                “I’m going to make a wild guess and say you’re one of those girls who love their sleep very much, am I correct?” He tilted his head and bit his lip.

                Dear Nathan, please never bite your lip and tilt your head at the same time. Sincerely, the girl laying here who now wants to rip your clothes off.

                Wait, what?

                I mumbled something incoherent and nodded my head. Bed will forever be my favorite place. It’s for sleeping. For dreaming. For forgetting. For crying. For laughing. For snorting with your best friend and sobbing over mushy rom-com’s. Bed is for reading and traveling to different places and different times. It’s for contemplating everything in the world and staring at the ceiling and thinking of nothing.

                I sat up and pulled my knees against my chest, closing my eyes and sighing, I thought of what should be my next step.

                “Uh, Lennox.” Nathan said.

                “Yes?” I responded, opening one eye and looking at him.

                He pointed to the bed side table. “Your phone is having a seizure. And has been since we got back.” I looked over to my phone and saw that Mason was calling. I scrambled over myself and grabbed it, sliding the lock bar open to answer it.

                “Mason!” I said out of relief.

                “LENNOX SKYE SCANLUX. WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU? WE THOUGHT YOU WERE RAPED AND KILLED YOUNG LADY. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH OF A PANIC WE HAVE BEEN IN?” She continued to yell at for another ten minutes; during which Nathan laid on the bed and laughed so hard, he was crying.

                I chuckled at him before turning my attention back to Mason. “Wait, who is laughing? Who is that?” She questioned.

                “Oh, uh, that’s –” But before I couldn’t finish what I was saying, Nathan snatched my phone and put it on speaker.

                “Hullo Mason. This is Nathan. I’m… Lennox’s husband.” He continued to talk; telling Mason that she and Evan should meet us at the hotel Nathan was staying at, at around four in the afternoon. Then, after saying goodbye, he hung up.

                I groaned and flopped back on the bed, facing the ceiling. Nathan crawled across the bed and laid down next me. “Penny for your thoughts?”

                “How am I supposed to explain all of this to Mason and Evan when I barely understand it myself? How am I supposed to explain this to my mother?! I don’t even know how to cope with all of this, and I’m good at coping. But this! This is a whole new ball field for me. I’ve never done something so tedious in my entire life! Not even when I picked up my whole life and moved to London two years ago. I mean, that was one thing, but this – marriage! – this is something completely different. How are you so calm about this?!” I flipped over and looked at him. He had a soft, timid smile on his lips.

                He shrugged before talking. “I’ve been in some pretty tough situations, granted, nothing like this, but I’ve learned to stay calm at stressful things. I guess that’s what comes with being famous…” He trailed off, his eyes widening at what he had just said.

                “F-famous..?” I stammered. Really? My luck, right?

                He nodded softly before covering his face with his hands and groaning. “You know what, let’s go shopping. Then we can talk like normal people getting to know each other.” I nodded, thinking this was a good idea but not trusting my mouth.

                “Would you like something else to wear or is that fine?” Nathan asked me once he was off the bed.

                “This is fine. Can I borrow your shoes again?” I asked quietly.

                “Of course, babes.” He smiled and leant down to kiss my forehead. And I let him. He handed the shoes to me and I slipped them on my feet. Nathan offered me his hand and helped me off the bed.

                He grabbed his wallet, phone and room key before slipping them into his sweatpants pockets. I grabbed mine and slipped it into my pocket. He handed me a pair of black wayfarer sunglasses before putting a pair on himself.

                I looked at him in question before slipping them over my eyes. “Just in case.” He shrugged and I followed him out of the hotel room, closing the door behind us.

                We took the elevator down to the lobby and walked outside to the front of the hotel. The sun was shining bright and it was pretty warm out. Nathan led me over to a black Range Rover parked on the side of the hotel. He opened the door for me. I smiled at him and climbed in. He shut my door and walked around to the other side, climbing in, starting the car and pulling out of the spot.

                “Where are we going?” I asked after a couple minutes of silence.

                “Well,” he paused for a second, licking his lips, “where do you like to shop?” My eyes widened at what he had been thinking.

                “Oh Nathan, you don’t have to buy anything for me.” I started to protest but he held up his hand.

                “You’re right, I don’t have to, I want to.” He smiled at me before returning his attention to the road.

                “Well, if you’re going to be like that, I enjoy shopping at Forever 21 and H&M.” I smiled at him. He smiled and nodded.

                I pointed to the radio, silently asking if I could turn it on. He nodded and I pressed the volume knob, bringing life to the little stereos in the car.

You cast a spell on me, spell on me
You hit me like the sky fell on me, fell on me
And I decided you look well on me, well on me
So let’s go somewhere no one else can see, you and me

                “Ooo! I love this song!” I cheered and Nathan just laughed and rolled his eyes at me as he started to sing along with the next bit.

T-turn the lights out now, now I’ll take you by the hand
Hand you another drink, d-d-drink it if you can
Can you spend a little time, time is slipping away
Away from us so stay, stay with me I can make
Make you glad you came

I just stared at him in disbelief, because either he was really good at mimicking voices or I had heard double of him. I turned the radio back down. He awkwardly tapped his fingers on the steering wheel.

                “So I’m guessing this is what you’re famous for…” I started the conversation because he was obviously not going to.

                “Yep. I’m Nathan Sykes, one-fifth of The Wanted.”

1 year ago

Viva Las Vegas - Chapter One

Nathan… Nathan… Oh! Nathan! The guy I met at the bar last night, with the English accent! The one that was probably the sweetest guy I had met in a really long time. So I must be in his hotel room. But that doesn’t explain the ring on my left ring finger…

                I quickly got dressed, in a pair of black sweatpants and a white t-shirt that said “Game Over,” on it. There was a note on top of the folded pile of clothing.

I figured you wouldn’t want to wear your dress from last night, wherever it went… So I thought these would be comfy. –Nathan .xx

                Okay, this boy needs to stop with the cute adorable notes that are making my heart melt.

                After I pulled on the clothes, I walked into the bathroom and stared at my disheveled state in the mirror. I washed my face, taking off all the makeup leftovers, and put my hair up in a bun. I found a wrapped toothbrush and thought it would be safe to use to brush my teeth. After all of that, I examined my face and, like many times before, thanked God for my Persian heritage, my skin was perfectly clear ninety percent of the time and I was honestly immensely grateful for not having to worry about acne.

                I was about to walk out of the hotel room when I realized I didn’t have any shoes except my boots from the night before and they would just clash too bad with the sweats and t-shirt. I scoured the room looking for the guy, Nathan’s, suitcase. Maybe he had an extra pair of shoes around here I could borrow.

                I finally found a large suitcase shoved under the bed. I flipped the top of it open and sitting right there was a pair of spotless, white Supra’s. Hallelujah. I slipped my feet into them. Of course they were big on my feet but it was better than nothing.

                Nathan had impeccable taste for a young guy. Like most guys his age, I was assuming he was around twenty-one or so, were all like “swag this” and “swag that.” Nathan seemed to have a taste that was partial swag and partial class. Something I found extremely mesmerizing in a guy.

                I found my way down to the first floor of the hotel and the buffet room. I looked around but I couldn’t seem to recognize anyone, more specifically, Nathan.

                There was an older gentleman standing behind a podium at the front of the room, where I was standing. I gingerly walked over to him and cleared my throat, hoping that would get his attention. It did. He looked up at me and for a moment, a look that said “another one of those troublemakers” but it quickly passed. My nervousness was definitely not helping me.

                “Uhm, I can’t seem to find my…companion,” I didn’t know what else to call Nathan. “Is there any way you can help me?” I asked, trying to pull of the whole damsel in distress thing, which wasn’t far from the truth.

                The man’s eyes softened and he sighed. “Of course. What’s your companions name?”

                “Nathan,” I told him.

                He looked up at me again. “Last name?” I bit my lip. I didn’t know what his last name was and the man seemed to catch on. He sighed again and looked down in his book. “There seems to be three Nathan’s staying in the hotel at the moment and only one of them is currently in the dining room. Nathan Sykes; age twenty-one.” I nodded eagerly. That seemed correct to me. “Follow me.”

                He led me through a maze of tables before stopping at one in the way back. It was a very secluded area, almost completely obscured from few by a large, blood red curtain. Behind the very intimidating curtain was a small table with two chairs, one of those chairs occupied by a boy holding a steaming cup of what looked like tea.

                He was wearing grey sweats, a t-shirt that read “Check Me Out,” a red striped beanie, covering up his chocolate hair and a pair of black Nike’s. He looked up at us when we neared the table and his face broke into a smile.

                Nathan stood from the table and embraced me before kissing my forehead. He looked towards the man that helped me find him and began to speak to him. “Thank you, that’ll be all.” The man nodded before leaving us.

                Nathan led me over to the table and pulled the seat out for me. I hesitantly sat down and he sat down across from me. “How are you feeling?” He asked very quietly, as if speaking too loud might break me or something.

                I took a minute to collect all my thought before responding. “Confused. Troubled. Better than last night though,” I added a small smile at the end and a chuckle emitted from his lips.

                “Well I can see why you would be confused and unsure. But before we talk about any of this, how about some breakfast?” I smiled and nodded enthusiastically. He pressed a small button on a little black box that sat in the middle of the table.

                Within a minute, a waiter approached us, smiling a little too enthusiastically.

                “What can I get you Mr. Sykes?” He asked.

                “We would like,” he glanced at me before continuing, “a large plate of pancakes, bacon, sausage, strawberries, and syrup on the side, please.” The waiter scribbled all that down before nodding and disappearing.

                “Okay, why are you treated like royalty or something? They act as if you’re the Prime Minister himself.” I chuckled and Nathan suddenly looked really nervous, a look I had yet to encounter in the twelve or so hours I had known him.

                “Well… it’s complicated. And I promise to tell you… after we eat. Alright?” He glanced up at me to make sure that that was okay.

                “Sure, that’s fine.” I responded, giving him a smile to let him know that I meant every word I said. And I did.

                I don’t know what it was about him, but I felt at ease around him. I had never been good with guys, but Nathan was a whole ‘nother novel. He was looking down at his phone so he didn’t notice when my eyes lingered on his for a while longer. The shade of his eyes were hard to describe. Last night they looked more hazel than anything and now it’s more of a deep turquoise. They seemed like the kind of eyes that held thousands of stories. Thousands of secrets. And thousands of memories.

                His eyes were barely viewable through his dark, long lashes. I guess I didn’t realize I was still staring because he looking up and smirked at me. I immediately turned red and looked away. I heard him chuckle.

                “It’s okay babe, stare all you want. You’ll eventually get used to my stunning looks, Mrs. Sykes.” I knew he was joking but it was still surreal. I was married. How the hell was I supposed to explain this to Mason and Evan, let alone my mother?!

1 year ago

Viva Las Vegas - Prologue (New Fanfic)

“Alright ladies, let’s get our Vegas on!” Mason cheered. Evan and I both laughed and cheered along with her, raising our glasses to her toast.

                Me and a couple of my girlfriends decided that since the last of us, being me, had just turned twenty-one, we would take a road trip to Vegas. We had gotten here just a half an hour ago and checked into our hotel before changing.

                Here, with me, was Mason Stacey, my best friend. Evan Michelle, another good friend of ours, and of course, me, Lennox Scanlux.

                Mason had dirty blonde, medium length hair that had a slight wave to it and that fell right below her collarbone. She was tan, tall with extremely long legs and had bright blue eyes. Basically, she was the girl every guy wanted to date. She was wearing a white, way-in bandage dress with Steve Madden black ‘Daade’ wedges.

                Evan had a short, volumized blonde bob that reminded me a lot like Pixie Lott in her “It’s All About Tonight” video. She was also tall, not as tall as Mason but pretty darn close and had dark green eyes that constricted against her pale skin. She was wearing a green soprano ruched one shoulder dress with Steve Madden black ‘Hottness’ pumps.

                I had long, curly, dark brown hair that fell right above my hips. I was tan, not as tan as Mason but not as pale as Evan with dark violet eyes. And I was short. My legs were long, but I myself was only five foot three. For tonight, I was wearing a light pink lush sequin bodice party dress with black leather Steve Madden ‘Troopa’ boots.

                By eleven o’ clock that night, you could safely say we were drunk. We had been all over the Las Vegas strip to many bars and clubs. Right now we were in a very nice club that I could no longer remember the name, if I had ever known the name in the first place.

                Mason was off with some guy making out in the corner, and Evan was practically lap dancing some guy on the dance floor. Typical that they would both leave me, on my birthday, and I would be all alone at the bar, looking like some loner freak.

                I took another shot; I had lost count after six. Or was it seven? But all of a sudden, a very attractive young guy appeared on the stool next to me, ordering some drink I had never heard of. He turned to me and smiled. “Hullo.” He said in a gorgeous English accent.

                He had chocolate brown hair that was styled up in a quiff like style, bright blue/green eyes, a perfect smile and an adorable button nose. He was wearing a white t-shirt, a black jacket, jeans and white Nike’s. He looked to be at least twenty-one and was clean shaven. Something I found really attractive on a guy. I hated if I was making out with some guy and he was all stubbly. It was extremely uncomfortable.

                “Hi.” I smiled and said back. He held out his hand, indicating for me to shake it. Oooo, a gentleman.

                “I’m Nathan.” He smiled.



 “Ooooh.” I groaned and rolled over, shielding my eyes from the burning lights of the bedroom. I pulled the comforter over my head and looked down. Great, I was just in my bra and underwear. Way to go, Lennox. How about we just hook up with every guy on the Las Vegas strip, shall we? I really needed to find myself some morals.

                After having a mental fight with my conscious, I decided I should probably get out of bed, whoever’s bed this was, and try and find my girls. I pulled the covers back over my head so I could see, sat up, and yawned, stretching my arms out in front of me. That’s when I noticed the rock on my left hand ring finger.

                I stifled a scream as I looked towards the bed side table, looking for my phone. And it was right there, with a sticky note stuck on top of it. I pulled it off and read it in my head.

Morning beautiful. I woke up and you were still asleep. When you see this, meet me downstairs at the buffet. –Nathan xx

1 year ago

Fake ID: Chapter Twenty Four - Nathan’s POV

We all climbed out of the truck and Julia locked the doors. I looked up to the giant brick building. This was only one store in itself? Holy fudgecakes. It. Was. Huge! Julia started walking and Jess and I scrambled to catch up with her. When we got to the front, she grabbed a grocery cart, asked Jess to grab a second one and walking in through the warehouse sized door that said, “Entrance,” above it, flashing a card to the woman who was standing by the door wearing a vest.

                And I thought the outside was impressive. This place was massive! They had everything you could ever need in ginormous quantities. Julia pulled her cart over to the side, Jess mimicking her actions, and turned to us.

                “Alright guys. We have a lot of ground to cover in less than an hour. Time to introduce you to Costco, and the way things work here. I have a list of things on my phone so we’ll just take each row one at a time, got it?”

                “Got it.” Jess and I said in perfect unison, causing me to chuckle.

                “Okay, so we’re gonna start in the back by the meats and fruits and veggies and what not, ‘kay?” Jess and I nodded before following her quick stride down the warehouse.


“Oh my gosh, Julia. Do we need any more food?” Jess complained as she struggled to push the loaded cart through the parking lot. Julia glanced back at us.

                “Nathan! Be a gentlemen and push the cart for her you big meany. Making her push the big cart…” Julia mumbled to herself as we neared the truck. I just rolled my eyes. We helped load everything into the bed of the truck except for one box that Julia had set up in between the two front seats. The box was full of snack and what not for the ride to her cabin. Which was apparently about an hour and a half drive from where we were.

                We climbed in the truck but before driving away, Julia reached in a grabbed a bag of Reese’s Pieces and ripped it open, pouring some in her hand then tossing the bag to me. I chuckled before having a handful myself.

                Driving out of the parking lot and down the road to the freeway, I was wondering what it was going to be like meeting Julia’s family…


“Nathan… Nathan… NATHAN!” The last one was louder and drug out so it sounded like a whine. I bolted up, still belted in, and ended up hitting my head on the visor. How graceful of me. I heard Julia chuckle next to me. Well I found the source of the name calling. Or should I say name whining.

I groggily unbuckled my seat belt and climbed out of the car, stumbling as I went, making a complete fool of myself. My feet hit gravel as I steadied myself with the help of Julia. She chuckled as she helped me stand.

                She guided me across the gravel driveway up to a small looking cottage type building. It looked as if it were fifty years old. But from what Julia told me, it was even older. She let go of me as soon as our feet hit the wooden porch, practically leaving me in the dust as she ran up the deck towards the side of the cabin that faced the water.

                I reached the front of the cabin and was awestruck. The lake was beautiful. And larger than I had imagined, but not too large. The cabin itself was painted a nice, light blue with white trim and a green roof. It looked like it had a fresh new coat of paint on it. There was a very tall tree standing right in the center of the view of the lake. There was a small beach with a fire pit surrounded by four large logs. A dock led out to the water from the grass and had two boats and two See-Dos attached to it.

                I turned around when I felt eyes burning holes in the back of my head. I caught a little girl, maybe eight or nine, standing inside the cabin looking at me, peeking out from behind a curtain. She had shaggy blonde hair that looked like it hadn’t been brushed yet today and blue-green eyes. I smiled at her and she giggled before hiding back behind the curtain. She was adorable.

                Julia came strolling out of the cabin and up to me, grabbing my hand and pulling me after her. “Come on Nath; meet the rest of my psychotic family.” She chuckled before pulling me inside the cabin. It had a nice, homey feel to it. I instantly loved it.

                “Nathan,” Julia caught my attention. “This is my Aunt Rhonda.” She pointed to a woman who looked to be in her upper thirties. She had caramel colored, streaked hair, a kind, tan face and wrinkles around her lips from what I assumed was smiling. She immediately pulled me in for a hug.

                “It’s so nice to meet you Nathan. Julia has told us all about you.” I looked over at Julia and she blushed and looked at her feet. I chuckled to myself at how shy she could be sometimes.

                “Err,” Julia started to introduce me to the next person. It was a man that had thinning dark hair, a white-grey beard and looked like he was in his forties. “This is my Uncle Sandford.” He stuck out his hand and smiled. I smiled back before shaking it.

                “This is my little cousin Tessa.” Julia pointed to the little blonde girl that was looking out the window at me. She was hiding behind Rhonda’s legs and peeking out. I got down on my knees and smiled at her. She giggled but didn’t hide this time. I stuck out my hand for her to shake.

                She gingerly stepped forward and shook my hand. “Hi, I’m Nathan.” She grinned and nodded.

                “I know. I’ve heard about you.” She then turned to Julia and in a rather loud whisper, said, “He’s even cuter than you said he would be.” Julia was as red as a tomato at this point. I just chuckled and got back on my feet before winking at her. She stuck her tongue out at me and crossed her arms, turning her back to me.

1 year ago

Fake ID: Chapter Twenty Three

I felt a little bad about getting so mad at Jess and then storming out. But I had an unbelievably good reason for it, and I will stick by my reasoning. That boy she had been talking to was no good. He seems like such a sweetheart at first, but trust me. No. Good.

                I was cross legged on the bed in mine and Nathan’s room messing around with something on my phone. I don’t really know what I was even trying to do; I just knew that I was getting so mad that I wanted to throw my phone. Which I ended up doing. I winced as I waited for the loud crunch, signaling the end of my poor phones life. But it never came. I looked up to see someone had caught it.


                He had come into the room right after I did. Thank the Lord for that perfectly perfect boy.

                I leaped off of the bed and went over to him to grab my phone when he moved his hand and shook his head, looking at me with his eyebrows raised. Yeah, I knew that look. And I knew it meant nothing good. Awesome.

                I sighed all dramatic like and flopped face first down on the bed. I felt Nathan climb on the bed then sit on me. He sat on me. His butt on my back. What was the boy thinking?! Did he want to die today?! I tried to move but it was useless, I was pinned down.

                “I’m not gonna get up until you tell me what that was about.” I heard his voice from above me. I sighed, yet again, before talking. It came out a bit muffled considering my face was shoved into a bed.

                “Nick Irisson is my ex-boyfriend. He’s two years older than me making him four or five years older than Jess. He was the sweet boyfriend. The boyfriend my parents and every single person he met, loved. I thought I loved him… Until I found out he was screwing everything with a pulse. He also became rude, snappy and just a plain dick. I broke up with him and he went crazy. Like legit crazy. I haven’t seen him since I moved to London.” I shrugged and leaned against the headboard. I honestly could care less about the dick but I definitely wasn’t going to sit around and watch him hurt Jess.

                Nathan nodded, got off of me, sat down next to me and snaked his arm around my shoulders. I sighed and leaned my head on his shoulder. He tightened his grip around me, without hurting me, despite the fact that I wasn’t crying. I wasn’t even sad. When I broke up with the dick, aka Nick, I was happier than I had been in a long time. So I told Nathan that. He just nodded and said nothing. I pulled back the comforter, climbed underneath and pulled it back over me. Nathan climbed out of bed and turned off the lights before climbing back into the bed next to me. No words were exchanged as we both drifted off to sleep.


I remember when we broke up, the first time. Saying this is it, I’ve had enough, ‘cause like we hadn’t seen each other in a month when you said you needed space, what?

                Agh, why Taylor must you awake me from such a beautiful thing; sleep.

We, we, are never ever ever getting back together.

                Alright, alright. I sat up, yawned for what seemed like five minutes and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes so I could properly see. I grabbed my phone off of the night stand which was still playing We Are Never Getting Back Together as my alarm and shut it off.

                Nathan was shuffling in his sleep next to me. I threw my left leg over him and sat on him, straddling his back. He let out a groan.

                “Nathan,” I whined, “it’s time to get up. So get up. Now.” I demanded before hoping off him and going to wake Jess up.

                I walked into the other room, flipped the light on and heard her groan. I watched her as she pulled the blanket over her head right before I just pulled it off of her completely. She sat up groggily and glared at me before yawning.

                 “Time to get up!” I chirped, smiled and then walked into the bathroom to get ready.

                After a really quick shower and drying of the hair, I left it to fall in its natural wave around my shoulders before pulling on the clothes I had laid out. My grey pullover with black stars on it, a pair of plain shorts, Jess’ peach colored Supras, my navy blue NY snapback and my black Ray Ban aviators. (x)

                I came out and found Nathan and Jess sprawled across each other, dressed, with their suitcases by the door. Nathan was wearing a pair of jeans, a grey beanie, a white V-neck t-shirt and a zip up black hoodie.

                Jess was wearing a grey, no sleeve, Coca Cola shirt, a pair of red, high waisted studded shorts, a jean jacket and all white Converse. (x)

                I sighed. The lazy butts! Like brother, like sister. “C’mon guys!” I huffed, pulling them off of the sofa and shoving them out the door. Each of us had our suitcase in tow. We took the elevator down to the lobby and I checked us out, smiling politely at the woman working at the front desk, before leading Jess and Nathan out to the rental car and throwing all out suitcases in the bed of the truck before closing it.

                Jess climbed in the back seat and curled up in a ball against the door, almost immediately falling back asleep. Nathan was more awake as he climbed up into the passenger seat next to me. We smiled at each other before I pulled out of the hotel parking lot and took the small journey to the freeway that led towards Everett.

                “Where are we going?” Nathan asked about five minutes into the journey. It was still early and he was still tired so his morning voice was still blessing us with its presence.

                “To Costco.” I answered. He looked at me all confused like. I laughed. “You’ll just have to wait and see. He chuckled and nodded before turning on the radio.

                Want U Back was playing and he made a face but didn’t change it because he knew I would’ve hurt him, had he tried to change it. I rolled my eyes. I didn’t know what his problem with Cher was but I doubt it was so drastic as he made it out to be.

                For like the first time ever, they were playing the version with Astro in it. I never understood why they didn’t play that since Astro was from the US X Factor, but whatever. I was singing along with it until Astro came on. I had kinda forgotten about the other people in the car.

                We used to be, but now there’s a separation between you and me. Baby I’m moving on to another girl that understands me more. Dates her in front you place so you can see it all. I remember the times, when we used to bond but I never realized that you wanted to be mine so I gave her the ring, instead of you, nickname too. I can tell you’re upset, because it ain’t you. Met a new girl, and I gave her my heart not noticing that you wanted me from the very start. you want me back? We can just be friends, or we ‘could try it all over again, come on!

                Nathan laughed, reminding me that he was still in the car. My cheeks flushed as I groaned. Why, oh why did I just love singing along with any song that came on, no matter where I was? Thankfully we were just pulling into Costco.

                I parked the car and realized that Jess was still asleep so I honked the horn, causing her to jump. Nathan and I were laughing as we got out of the car. Jess just glared at us before cracking a smile.

1 year ago

Fake ID: Chapter Twenty Two - Nathan’s POV

After we had gotten a seat in the restaurant, ordered, and finally were alone for a moment, I looked up at Julia. “Uh,” it seems like my stutter had returned, “I really wanted to talk to you.”

                Julia set down the Coke she had been sipping and looked at me. “Sure thing Nath, shoot.”

                I bit my lip and looked up at her nervously before taking a deep breath. I had to tell her. “Well, promise you won’t get mad at me for freak out in any way when I tell you what I’m about to tell you?”

                She raised her eyebrow at me before agreeing. “Of course.”

                “Okay,” deep breath, “I… I really like you. And w-when I say that, I-I mean it-t more like, uh, I l-love you-u…” I stumbled over my words, watching her face for any emotion. She had no emotion on her face, whatsoever, for about fifteen seconds. And those fifteen seconds felt like the worst three hours of my life.

                A smile sprouted on her lips that went from ear to ear. “I love you too.” She whispered just as the waiter showed up with our food. We both ate our food, occasionally stealing glances at each other and smiling to each other. I think we we’re both on cloud nine at the moment.

                When we were done with our pasta, I ordered us a chocolate cake to celebrate. We each had about two pieces. We got take home containers for the rest of the cake and I paid the bill, much to Julia’s protesting.

                Julia drove us back to the hotel and we took the elevator up to the third floor and walked down the hallway to our room. I pulled out one of the key cards Julia had given me earlier and unlocked the door, closing it behind us.

                Julia motioned for me to stay quiet as she pulled out a small chunk of the left over chocolate cake and set the rest on the counter. “Jess, we’re back!” She called.

                Jess came skipping out of the other bedroom, no doubt watching TV, with a big smile on her face. She was wearing a pair of plain black joggers, peach colored Supras and a grey Vans pullover with her hair in a bun. (x)

                “How was dinner?” She smirked.

                Julia smiled sweetly. “It was amazing. We brought you something from the restaurant.”

                “Ooo, where is it?” Jess asked. Julia stepped forwards, smiled, and shoved the cake in Jess’ face. Jess was completely shocked, not expecting it at all.

                Both Julia and I were laughing our arses off. Jess’ reaction made it ten times better too. She scowled at both of us. “You guys suck.”

                “It’s payback for pretending to be sick. But there really is some cake on the counter. And I wanted to say thank you. If you hadn’t of pretended to be sick, we probably wouldn’t have worked everything out.” She smiled up at me even though she had been speaking to Jess. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders, pulled her close to me and kissed her forehead.

                Jess had finished wiping the cake off her face and looked over at us, her eyebrows raising to the moon. “Ooo, what happened? Give me the details!” She giggled, grabbed a piece of cake and sat on the couch.

                Julia looked at me. “You tell her, I’m gonna go change.” She left my side and walked into the other room. Jess looked up at me expectantly. I sighed and took a seat next to her on the couch. I looked over at her and found that she was staring at me intently.

                “Ahh, I can’t tell you while you’re looking at me like that!” I complained as I hid my head in my hands.

                “Awh, you’re blushing!” She chuckled, “Look Nath, I know it can be embarrassing, me being your little sister and all, but I really want to know what happened. I love Jess probably as much as you do. Though, not in the same way.”

                I looked up at her and smiled. “I know Jess. It went really well. I told her I loved her and she said it back.” I ended up grinning from ear to ear. Jess squealed and attacked me with a hug.

                There was a loud “awh” from the doorway. Both Jess and I looked up to see Julia standing there, smiling at us.

                “Y’all are too cute.” She gushed. Jess rolled her eyes and I stuck my tongue out at her.

                Julia had changed into a pair of black joggers and a black hoodie that said, “I <3 1D”. Her hair was up in a sock bun. (x) I raised my eyebrows at her, silently asking what was up with her sweatshirt. She stuck her tongue out at me.

                “You know, I had other interests in music other than just you before we met.” She blew a raspberry, crossed her arms across her chest and walked into the other room.

                “Jess, we should probably get to bed. Julia said we had to be up early tomorrow.” She nodded and I got up off the sofa. Julia walked back into the room and helped Jess with the fold out couch.

                “Oh Jess! I forgot to ask, how was it while we were at dinner?” Julia looked at Jess. Jess smiled.

                “Well, I went swimming for a little then took a shower and changed. Then I went and sat in the lobby and read for a while. While I was there, I was talking to this really cute boy. He was really nice, sweet and funny.”

                “What’d he look like?” Julia wiggled her eyebrows all weird. I looked at her funny.

                “He had caramel colored hair that was about the same lengths as Nathan’s, he had bright blue eyes and braces. He had a perfect smile and an amazing laugh.” I could swear Jess was swooning.

                “What was his name?” Julia asked the amused look from her face, gone.

                “Nick Irisson.” Jess said, looking up at Julia with a confused expression. Julia’s expression turned stone hard.

                “You will never talk to that boy ever again. Now, let’s all get to bed, it’s late.” And with that, she stomped into the other room, leaving a very confused Jess and I behind. 

1 year ago

Fake ID: Chapter Twenty One

I sighed as I leaned back against the hotel room door, sliding down so I was resting on the balls of my feet. What had just happened? I was still trying to figure that out. And of course, me being me, I ran from it instead trying to stay and figure it out. I was such a coward.

                I groaned and put my head in my hands. There was a slight knock on the door, which caused me to jump. I got up and looked through the peephole, breathing a sigh of relief when I saw only Jess standing there. I pulled the door open and she barged through, slamming the door behind her. She spun around on her heel so she was facing me, her arms folded over her chest.

                “What the heck was that?!” She spat at me, raising her arms for effect.

                I slumped down onto the floor, my back leaning against the wall and my head in my hands. “Where is he?” I croaked, my throat starting to constrict with the need to cry.

                Jess’ eyes softened a bit as she slid down the wall and sat next to me. “Downstairs talking to the front desk to see if there’s any good take away around here. Now, what happened down there?” She asked again, way nicer and softer this time.

                “Honestly, Jess? I have no clue. One second, we’re trying to soak each other, the next second, his lips are on mine and I was having the best first kiss a girl could ever have.” It took me a good five, maybe it was seven, seconds to realize what I had just said.

                “You haven’t had a first kiss?” Jess stammered. I shook my head no. Before she could say anything else, there was a loud knock on the door. I jumped away from it. Jess stood up and looked through the peephole then back at me. “It’s Nathan,” she mouthed. I nodded, indicating she could let him in, and walked into the other room to look for something to wear.

                I pulled on my Cheap Monday Colleen denim, light blue shirt, my floral cream high waisted tailored safari shorts, and a pair of cream colored TOMS. I let my hair fall down my back in loose waves and I grabbed my zebra bag. (x)

                I walked out of the room, not looking where I was going, as I messed with something on my phone. My phone slid out of my hand and onto the floor a good foot away as I collided with someone. I knew who it was without even looking up. Nathan. I looked up and found he was avoiding eye contact with me. He stuck out his hand to help me up. I sighed and involuntarily took it.

                He brushed passed me and into the bedroom without a word. I stooped down and picked up my phone. Jess was coming out of the bathroom just then. She was wearing a navy blue tank top that said, “Be your own anchor,” with an anchor on it. She also wore a pair of jazz denim shorts with suspenders attached. Her hair was in big waves and she wore a straw hat. She saw me. “Hey Julia, can I borrow your American Flag Converse?” I nodded and she smiled. (x)

                We walked into the main room together, her stumbling and pulling on my Converse as she went. Jess ended up falling on her butt, which caused us to both bust our guts laughing. My back was too the door that led to the other bathroom, so when Jess abruptly stopped laughing, saying I was confused was an understatement. I spun around and found Nathan sheepishly looking at his feet.

                “I’ll go get the car. Meet me down there in five minutes.” He muttered as he grabbed the rental keys, one of the key cards and shuffled out the door. Dang, the boy looked fine. He had been wearing jeans; white Nike’s, a purple t-shirt, a grey hooded sweatshirt that was zipped up partially, and a leather jacket. His hair had been tousled.

                I was about to walk out the door when a hand on my upper arm stopped me. “Julia, you need to talk to him. Like soon.” Jess pleaded with me. I sighed and nodded, knowing she was right and that it would be no use to put up a fight.

                We walked to the elevator and rode it downstairs. The guy at the front desk waved to us as we walked past him and out onto the front asphalt of the hotel. Right as we stepped out, Nathan pulled up in the car and Jess made me hate her.

                “Oof!” She doubled over, clutching her stomach. Both Nath and I ran to her side. “I don’t feel so good guys. I think I’m going to stay here. You two go on ahead.” She took my key card and “hobbled” back into the hotel, shooting me a wink that Nathan didn’t see. I just glared at her before climbing into the driver’s seat of the car. Nathan climbed into the passenger seat and I started to drive.

                “Hey-” We both started at the same time and ended up laughing.

                “Okay, we really have to stop doing that,” Nathan chuckled. “Anyways, what were you going to say?”

                “I, uh, just wanted to ask what happened back there…” I trailed off, hoping he would fill in the blank.

                He sighed and rubbed his temples before running his hands through his hair. “I-I don’t know. I’m sorry; it was way out of line for me to do that. I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry. I hope this doesn’t change what’s going on between us. But I thought I should say, I really do like you Julia. I like you a lot…” He whispered the last part. I shut off the engine, seeing as we were there, and turned to him, a smile sprouting on my lips.

                “You have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear you say that.” I smiled. He returned my smile before leaning forward, and I was there to meet him half way. This time, nothing was there to stop us. Except my rumbling stomach. Nathan heard it and chuckled before pressing his forehead to mine.

                “Hungry, babe?” He smirked.

                “You have no idea.” I chuckled and climbed out of the car, waiting for him to follow me. He reached for my hand, which I allowed, and we walked up to the front door of the Spaghetti Factory. One of my favorite restaurants. 

1 year ago
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